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An uplifting and inspiring

outdoor hypnosis experience.


Silent Disco meets Hypnosis...under the stars!  Imagine...drifting away...finding quiet and peace within.  Enjoy an empowering and inspiring guided meditation / hypnosis session on top of an ancient Indian mound on beautiful Boca Ciega Bay in St Petersburg, Florida.  Feel weightless while enjoying your experience from one of our zero-gravity chairs.   Fully immerse yourself in the experience with silent disco headset to minimize distractions and allow for social distancing.  Relish in the lush landscape and history of Sacred Lands on beautiful Boca Ciega Bay, the site of an ancient Tocobago Indian village in St Petersburg, Florida.  Enhance your experience with an additional tour of the grounds prior to your Trancing with the Stars experience.

Your Trancing with the Stars session will take you on a relaxing journey, finding peace and empowerment within.  Participants will come away with 3 ways to manage stress in the real world as well as one of the most unique experiences to be found in the Tampa Bay Area.


Limited to 10 participants.  

Don't see a date/time that works for you? Call 727-835-6566 or email and ask about your personal Trancing with the Stars party!







Sacred Lands Gallery



















Trancing with the Stars Packages


Basic Package

The Basic Package comes with the following:

  • 1 hr Trancing With The Stars Hypnosis Session

  • Wireless, Silent Disco Headset Rental and Sanitizing

  • Zero-Gravity Chair Rental and Sanitizing

  • Main Stage Seating Area (shown above)

Only $59 Per Person

Clicking the link below will take you to, where you can choose the appropriate upgrade.


Deluxe Dreamer

The Deluxe Dreamer comes with the following:

  • 1 hr Trancing With The Stars Hypnosis Session

  • Wireless, Silent Disco Headset Rental and Sanitizing

  • Choice of Zero-Gravity Chair Size (Medium or Large) Rental and Sanitizing

  • Choice of Semi-Private Seating Area (Non-Waterfront)(example shown above)

  • Blanket for Comfort

  • Bottled Water

Only $79 Per Person

Clicking the link below will take you to, where you can choose the appropriate upgrade.


5-Star Service

The 5-Star Service comes with the following:

  • 1 hr Trancing With The Stars Hypnosis Session

  • Zero-Gravity Chair Rental and Sanitizing

  • Wireless, Silent Disco Headset Rental and Sanitizing

  • Choice of Zero-Gravity Chair Size (Medium or Large) Rental and Sanitizing

  • Choice of Waterfront Private Seating Area in Anhinga Alcove or The Mermaid Watch Deck (example shown above)

  • 2 Blankets for Comfort

  • Bottled Water

  • Your choice of 1 of our 50 doTerra Essential Oils to add to your relaxation, peace, and calm

Only $99 Per Person

Clicking the date/link below will take you to  Be sure to officially upgrade your TWTS package there. 

Don't forget to add the Sacred Lands tour!


Don't forget!

Add a Private Guided Tour of Sacred Lands!

Make the most of your experience by adding a one hour, private guided tour of Sacred Lands.  One of the property owners will reveal the life of the ancient Tocobago Indians, who lived on the property over 1000 years ago.  Your private tour starts ONE HOUR PRIOR to your Trancing with the Stars experience.

It's also a great way to pick your spot ahead of everyone else, if you opted for the Deluxe Dreamer or 5-Star Service Package.

Add $20 Per Person

(plus processing fees)

This option will appear once you have selected your seating package.


Upcoming Dates

Friday, April 30, 2021

Thursday, May 6, 2021

Friday, May 21, 2021


Your Trancing with the Stars Team

Traci Kanaan

A former internationally touring comedy headliner and certified Hypnotist, Traci claims she can make your life better for an hour or a lifetime, one just has a two drink minimum!  First learning about hypnosis in 2014, Traci couldn't learn enough and is now a Certified Hypnotist, Certified Hypnotherapist, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Trans-Personal Hypnotherapist, Chinese Medicine Face Reader, Neuro-Linguistic Programming Master and Trainer, Smoking Cessation Specialist, Ordained Minister, and Jedi Knight.  She opened Wings Hypnosis in 2016 and enjoys changing lives one thought at a time.


Doug Crenshaw

Doug is a Certified Hypnotist and discovered the power of hypnosis when he was finally able to quit smoking after 32 years!  He also used hypnosis to improve his golf game.  Doug is a full-time Realtor with Copeland Morgan, where he enjoys working with new home buyers and investors.  Doug spent 25 years in food and beverage management at Disney, none of which adequately prepared him to become Traci's "Squirrel Herder!" (LOL) Thankfully, he is ready to lend a hand to any of Traci's performances whether they be for comedy or hypnosis. 

Frequently asked questions

What is "Hypnosis"?

A natural, yet altered, state of mind where communication and responsiveness with the subconscious mind is present. Hypnosis is a natural state of mind with special identifying characteristics: 1. An extraordinary quality of relaxation. 2. An emotionalized desire to satisfy the suggested behavior: The person feels like doing what the hypnotist suggests, provided that what is suggested does not generate conflict with his belief system. 3. The organism becomes self-regulating and produces normalization of the central nervous system. 4. Heightened and selective sensitivity to stimuli perceived by the five senses and four basic perceptions. 5. Immediate softening of psychic defenses.

Can I be "Hypnotized"?

If your IQ is 70 or higher, you know and want what you’re being hypnotized for, you feel safe wherever you are being hypnotized, and you trust your hypnotist…you can be hypnotized. Many people think they can’t be hypnotized because they went to a hypnosis stage show and saw people doing things out of their comfort zone and they think “no way would I ever do that!” The purpose of stage hypnosis is to entertain others. The purpose of our sessions will be to get you to the next best version of yourself.

Will I get stuck in Hypnosis?

No. Even those in the deepest trance will come back to their full and regular waking consciousness when they get hungry or have to use the restroom.

Will Hypnosis make me lose control so I tell you my secrets and bank passwords?

No. I can’t make anyone do something in trance that goes against their moral code. However, you'll be surprised at what some people are willing to do!

How long will my Hypnosis suggestions last?

Suggestions can last for a day or a lifetime. You will be given some tools to take with you at your TWTS session so you can "activate" your suggestions when certain things happen or certain words are said. If a suggestion is not working, it’s usually because you have an unconscious block. In this case, I recommend private hypnosis sessions to help uncover and transform those. In my experience, clients with multiple traumas in their past have more issues to work through and will require more sessions. Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy is not like surgery - one session and you’re instantly better. It took your mind YEARS to make the neural pathways it’s already made. Making new ones can take time.

Does Traci offer private sessions?

YES! Please schedule your consultation here:

How long will my TWTS experience be?

Plan on 2 hours. The first 30 minutes will be getting you settled in. 1 hour for the Hypnosis session, and then 30 minutes to prepare for your departure.

Do I have to wear a mask?

As of this writing, the owners of Sacred Lands have requested you wear a mask when you are entering and leaving Sacred Lands. Once you are seated, you can remove your mask.

How do you handle social distancing?

We ask all TWTS attendees to maintain a safe distance from unknown persons, and to wear a mask when moving about the property. Having an event outdoors means there is plenty of space to practice social distancing, and we place at least 6 ft between parties.

How are the zero-gravity chairs, silent disco headsets, and blankets sanitized?

TWTS team members wear rubber gloves, and wipe down your chairs with anti-bacterial wipes before and after your session. While wearing rubber gloves, TWTS team members clean the silent disco headsets with alcohol swabs and then headphone ear protectors are placed over the ear pieces. Headphones are placed in plastic bags ready to wear. Blankets are used once, and then washed in between sessions. While TWTS takes great care to keep things as tidy and clean as possible, we can not guarantee a completely sterile environment. If you have a compromised immune system or require more cleaning than we can provide, we regretfully ask you not to attend our events.

Is Sacred Lands handicap accessible?

Sacred Lands does have handicap accessible areas and restroom facilities, however, not all TWTS locations within Sacred Lands may be handicap accessible. Please call 727-835-6566 before purchasing your tickets so we can find a solution to accommodate your needs.

I'm a big dude (or dudette). Do you have a Zero-Gravity Chair for me?

Yes. Our regular zero-gravity chairs comfortably hold people up to 5'9" and up to 350 lbs. Our large zero-gravity chairs are best for people 5'10" and up to 500 lbs. Should you need a larger chair, please call 727-835-6566 so we can find a solution for you. In order to get the chair most comfortable for you, be sure to order the Deluxe Dreamer and 5-Star Packages so you have a choice in seat sizes.

Full Color - Horizontal - Wings Hypnosis
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Trancing with the Stars is held at...

Sacred Lands

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